What We Do

Potter Financial Services provides fee only financial planning and investment advisory services to people from all walks of life. Our client base includes nurses, physicians, business owners, managers, truck drivers, retirees, young couples, pilots, accountants, sales people, lawyers, dentists, schoolteachers, and others.


The firm's founder, David A. Potter, holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Ohio University, and an MBA degree from Waynesburg College. He has been advising clients on money and finance issues for over three decades - the first nine years in public accounting, and the past two decades plus as a financial consultant and investment advisor. David is also a Certified Financial PlannerTM practitioner.


Our mission is to provide timely, unbiased advice to people from all walks of life.  Our planning process is very interactive with the client; thus, we strive to be good listeners in order to fully understand what the client wants!


In his best selling book, The Total Money Makeover, author and financial counselor Dave Ramsey, opines,


"When selecting and working with your wealth team, it is vital to bring on only members who have the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman or the heart of an "expert." The salesman is always chasing a commission and thinking short-term, the "expert" can't help being condescending...."

We couldn't agree more with this statement! We endeavor to teach our clients about the basic financial planning concepts that pertain to their situation. We consider client questions as an opportunity for us to educate and inform. Our goal is for the client to understand our recommendations before any actions are actually taken. For example, we will not commence an investment program until the client understands the expectations and risks, and has reached a comfort level with the proposed approach. David Potter is a teacher that just happens to be a financial advisor. In fact, Potter thoroughly enjoyed serving on the adjunct faculty at West Liberty University from 2005 through 2012 where he taught a "Principles of Microeconomics" class every Monday afternoon.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Strategies to save and invest for the desired retirement
  • Analysis: How much can I spend during retirement?
  • Analysis: When can I afford to retire?
  • Wealth building strategies for young couples
  • Designing an appropriate asset allocation strategy
  • Investment portfolio checkups
  • General financial checkup to I.D. strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis: How much home can I afford?
  • Saving and investing for college
  • Providing a "second opinion" for the "do it yourself" investor
  • Improving the income tax efficiency of a portfolio
  • Helping you to better grow and protect your assets
  • Investment advice regarding 401(k) plans
  • Life insurance needs analysis (i.e. how much coverage do I need?)
  • Cash flow / budgeting analysis and recommendations