Web Resources


FICO scores are your credit rating. There are three credit bureaus, and each bureau tabulates a FICO score on you. You can obtain all three FICO scores from this site.



Type in the ticker symbol of a mutual fund, and view a report that provides the fund's current "Star Rating", expense ratio, yield, fund category, top five holdings, year-to-date return, and annualized returns for the trailing three and five year periods, etc.


Type in the ticker symbol for a common stock, and view the current price, change from prior day's close, P/E ratio, 52-week price range, etc.



This website provides current interest rate quotes for bank certificates of deposit, car loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc. You can even obtain rates by geographic area (e.g. Pittsburgh). Also, the site offers access to several useful financial calculators.



This is a great site! You can get your stock quotes and mutual fund quotes on the home page. There are separate sections for investing, news and opinion, personal finance, and much more. I suggest that you spend 15 minutes exploring this site on a rainy Saturday to familiarize yourself with its many great features.